Saturday, 2 July 2011

I Love Who You've Become x

I love you..

With all my heart x

I love the person you've turned out to be.

I love the things you believe in.

And the choices you make.. or don't make.

I love the things you say.. the way you say them.

With no doubt or malice at all.

I love the person you've become.

I love how confident you seem.

How kind and genuine you are.

I love the little things you do.

I love your passion and strength.

And how you you never give up.

I love what an amazing friend you are.

And have always been.

To not only me.. but every single person you know.

I love who you are.
I love who you've been.
And I love who you've chosen to be. x

I Love You.
I always will.
You're the best friend a person could ask for xx

That is all.

Love Amy x

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