Monday, 4 July 2011

Falling Asleep On The Sofa x

There you are.. watching tv.. as you do.

All comfy and what not on one of the most comfortable things ever invented by man.

Yes.. The Sofa x

You suddenly get comfortable.. and there's no going back.

As the tv talks you in unconsciousness.. it's too late..

You're asleep x

It's a bitter sweet affair,

For one, you're now relaxed, getting your rest..

But on the other hand..
You're now weak.. And can't fight back.
Left to the mercy of your peers..

You've left yourself open to;
Embarrassing photos..
Comments from onlookers..
Sleep talking.. to everyone..

And.. that awful, humiliating, confusing moment..
When you wake up at 5am.. fully dressed.. hair a mess.. tv on.. with the lights full beam..
And have to drag your half asleep sorry butt upstairs to bed.

The sofa.

Your best friend.. and your worst enemy x

Love Amy x

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