Friday, 22 July 2011

So Yeah, Hey x

Hey World :) ,

I haven't actually talked on there in a while..
not really.
I've rambled on about things that popped into my head..
or things that I noticed during my day.. my life.
But It's been a while since I've talked normally..]
Like a real person in every day life..
Not about music or emotions or the weather..
But to you..
Whoever is bored enough to actually read this!

So, Hello :)
How are you?
Nm? Kl.........

Ok, enough of robot talk
I just wanted to break out of the one way conversation..
I want to know about other people..
Your day.. your week.. what made you smile today :)
And I'm sure other people don't want to know about mine!
So, I apologise for the random posts about stuff you don't care about!

Anyhoo, I'm going to watch the Last Harry Potter soon.. :)
So, Byeeeeee!!

Love Amy xxxx

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