Friday, 21 May 2010

Good Bye Chancellor's x

Leaver's 2010 x
What can i say... I've left school... 7 years... over... x
WOW <3 x
To everyone... thank you for an amazing day, and a memorable 7 years...x

Goodbye Chancellor's...x

Will never forget xxxx
LY xxxx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Last Ever Thursday..x

Last Ever Thursday..x
Dunno what to say..x

Last ever lunchtime..x
Last ever afternoon registration..x
Last ever Drama lessons (emotional)..x
Last ever reappearance of H&G..x

One more day to go..x
A lifetime of memories behind us..x

Never Forget xxxx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Last ever Wednesday - Post-it Car..x

Yepp, that IS a car covered in Post-its .. Alistair's car to be exact.. and a good 1300 post-its! x

Monday: Fake un-invites
Tuesday: Mel in a locker
Wednesday: Today.. my last ever Wednesday at school, this wonderful prank was pulled x

Today was also Josh Reid Appreciation day LOL everyone wore clashing clothes and stuff :) was jokes & a good laugh :)

The days are slowly ticking down, people are letting loose, and we're all looking forward to our last day shenanigans :') x

See Ya Tomoz :) xxxx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Last Ever Tuesday..x

Last ever food lesson with Mrs Ware..
Last ever car journey with Sara..
Last ever lunch duty in A block *cough* ;)..
Last ever 3:25 end of day....

I could think of more.. but it's a tad sad..x

In all honesty.. I think I'm going to miss a lot.. the people, the laughs, even the teachers x
There are gonna be lots of tears on Friday.. happy & sad x

Until tomorrow..x

Amy xxxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

Last Ever Monday..x

Today.. my friends, is Monday..x

Not just any Monday though.. today is the last ever Monday of school.. I leave on Friday x

I don't know how this year went so fast?! .. Seems like just yesterday i was saying "This is the last ever first day of school" in September.. and now.. there's just 4 more days to go :O x


Expect more of these.. one every day this week, just counting down the days till we leave forever..

Yer, i'll still be going to school for choir, gotta rehearse for the Music Tour '10 :) .. but Friday.. that's the last ever official day :| .. then we're gone.. *tears* x

Not all sad though, it will be the start of Study Leave.. just a month of exams & hardcore revision.. then LONG HOLIDAYS! :D ... GONNA BE AMAZING XD ..x

Friday is the Sixth-form Leaver's Ball :)
Can't wait.. well i can.. but CAN'T WAIT!
Looking forward to wearing my dress, floor-length, and very pink :) and saying a proper fair well :'(.. not to everyone!!.. but officially to some, and sixth-form :) .. I plan on keeping as many as I can as close as possible :) <3>

Anyway, as much as I'm enjoying this emotional dribble,
You wanna know what we found out today.. we won the top prize at the May Fare! .. It was.. Wait for it! :) .. AN ANNUAL FAMILY PASS FOR CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES! *mini happy dance* .. gonna be awesome :) x

Anyhoo, i'll leave you all to your lives, which I hope are more exciting than mine!
Boredom sucks!

Peace :) <3>

Monday, 3 May 2010

5 Day Weekend! =] x

See this.. this is what you call an action shot.. great timing n all that :) x

So this 5 day weekend's been fun so far :) x

Saturday, acted as chauffeur & spent 7 hours at a camp i wasn't menna be on, hung a penguin high on a rope between two trees, ate a mountain of turkey drummers and sweetcorn, generally a fun day x

Sunday was Jonathan's 18th birthday party, few months late, but who wants a bouncy castle party in February?! :) . And that's where this photo was taken.. was a really good party :) a BBQ (even though it poured and poured!) .. & so much cake! :) x
We even waxed one of George's legs! .. and i managed to give Jonathan a bald patch ;) x
Was a jokes party.. and ended with a water fight :) x

Went to Sara Gowers' party in he evening.. was good, caught up with lots of ex-cranborne people :) x

SOOOO overall so far it's been pretty cool :) another 2 days to go.. Imago shoot with school girls on tuesday.. now i've just gotta work out what to wear! lol x

Cya xxxxxxxxxxx

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