Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dear World..

Dear World,

You're probably wondering why I'm writing this..
Why I write anything in fact..
Why I say the things I say.. Do the things I do.. Think the way I think..
The fact is.. I don't know..
I wish I did.. but I don't..
The only thing I know is that one day.. everything changed..
And I started thinking differently..
And from then on.. I've changed..
I started writing.. a diary.. a blog.. post it notes.. music..
Making videos.. taking more photos..
I even tried my hand at drawing.. which was a fail..
But the point is.. I tried..
To make an impact on someone's life..
To inspire people..
To capture memories..
To capture some kind of memory of myself..
Who I am.. Who I was..
I don't know why..
I guess I just want to remember..
How happy I was..
What I was like..
What my life was like..
My friends and family..
The people and places..
That I love so much..
The laughs..
The fact is..
Life is too short..
And the world is too big..
Memories will come and go..
But footprints remain..
And I guess I'm just trying to leave my footprint on this world..
In any way that I can..
No matter how small it may be x

Love Amy x

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