Monday, 13 December 2010

One day..x

One day, we'll look back on these days as the best days of our lives. The days when we were happy, and hopeful, and surrounded by the people we love. Carefree and naive. One day, these will be the memories that make us laugh, make us cry, and will last a lifetime. These days are precious, so treasure them, and don't let a single one pass you by ♥ x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

I Hope... x

Wow, it's been a very long time since my last blog! And so much has happened!! x

I'm now at uni, Harper Adams University College, Shropshire :) And it's amazing here x

I've made new friends, Liv especially :) .. and kept old ones strong xxxx

It's funny how much your life can change in just a few months..x

So why did I decide to start writing again? .. well I watched a video, and heard a song, which filled me with so much hope, that I just had to write about it x

Watch it:

So I decided to write my own hope notes, and get my friends and family to as well... because everyone needs hope in their life. It's inspiring x

And So...
I hope that one day I'll see the world, and the world will see me.
I hope there will always be music in my life.
I hope one day I'll stop worrying, and just live my life.
I hope for true happiness
I hope my friends know how much they mean to me.
I hope that in the future I remember all the times I have been happy... and the people who made me feel that way.
I hope for friends like this forever.
I hope that me and you stay friends till we are old and grey, As I have never connected with someone so quickly and known someone so genuinely nice!! x
I hope I won't get saggy with age!
I hope everyone is happy. Happiness makes the world go around xx
I hope never to put back on all the weight i have lost!
I hope for happiness
I hope Amy will always have good friends around her.
I hope my Mum knows, that no matter how far away, I'm watching over her, and I love her xxx
I hope to have a family x
I hope you're safe x
I hope to dance with my dad at my wedding xx
I hope... to live a long and happy life with my family, to keep the friends I have, and to continue to make new ones in the future.
I hope i never forget... x
I hope to travel.
I hope i have a happy life, and you guys are in it with me till the very end when we're all wrinkly and grey! :D xxx
I hope.. that when I'm old and grey, you'll be there to hold my hand when i listen to that song that makes us cry x I love you x
I hope God, + his angels watches you always. And just in case he's busy, I'm there instead. x
I hope to inspire someone, and to be inspired x
I hope to dance with my dad at my Wedding x

We all can use a little hope sometimes, you know. That feeling that everything is gonna be okay and that there’s gonna be someone there to help make sure of that. - Haley James Scott.

Sometimes all we need is something to hope for, and the rest just falls into place xxxx

Until next time x
Love Amy xxxx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

All the small things...x

"One day, all of you are going to be gone.
And all of this—all of us—will be nothing but a hazy memory.
It will take you a second to remember someone’s name.
Someone will have to remind you of the songs we sung;
the solos you got, or didn't get.
Life really has only one beginning and one end:
and the rest is just a whole lot of middle.
And I love you guys too much to let you not make the most of it." x

It's all the small things...
I like the shadow your car makes when sun is behind you
I like it when zoe smiles
I like songs that start quiet, then crash to life when the drums kick in.
I like just sitting doing absolutly nothing with my friends
I like it when Mattie hugs me
I like watching twilight and reciting every line
I like dancing like nobody's watching, when noone is watching
I like driving in my car with my music blaring
I like those moments when everything slows down
I like films that make me cry
I like taking photos, because they make me happy
I like wearing one of my massive hoodies that drowns me
I like buying people presents, because i love to see them happy
I like my photo wall
I like it when emma sings, or sneezes
I like just sitting at the piano, and playing whatever i want
I like it when something gives me chills
I like going on car journeys with katie
I like lying in bed at night, looking at the glowing stars on my ceiling
I like the watching the clouds roll by, while listening to music
I like watching people's faces light up when they are happy
I like smiling so much my face hurts
I like those nice alone moments with my mum
I like it when my dad laughs
I like going to mc donalds with jess, and just talking
I like cooking with zoe
I like laughing with katie and emma in food
I like talking to sara, because her presence makes me smile
I like sitting in the park with friends, doing nothing
I like singing, and laughing in choir
I like spotting really bad innuendos
I like how i have step by step thoughts, before saying something random
I like that feeling you get when you really connect with someone
I like completing a task before the microwave hits 0:00
I like the rush of adrenaline you get from doing something scary
I like watching horror films, but have a phobia of blood
i like how i plug my ipod in, before i turn the car on
I like harmonies, a lot
I like it when my friends say they love me
I like my pets little habits, like circling my feet when i stand up
I like our private jokes, like gazebo and leopard print boxer shorts
I like wearing a necklace, one i love, and playing with it
I like the sound my windchime makes when i open and close my curtains
I like sleeping with a squishy pillow, i don't sleep anywhere without one
I like it when people pick up on my little habits, like blowing in my glass before I use it
I like having hour long conversations on msn/facebook, about random things
I like laughing so much it hurts
I like how my mum gets me some silly little presents
I like the feeling of fingernails runing up and down my arm
I like eating bread sauce by itself
I like tickling my hamsters tummy when she's hanging on the cage bars
I like the sound of leaves rustling in the wind
I like it when my friends randomly text me
I like the feel of rain on my skin
I like how everyone's voice completely changes around emma
I like watching sunsets, and how they are different colours every day
I like people who do that little big extra for you
I like going to sleep watching/listening to my friends dvds every night
I like milk sweets, with a passion
I like how zoe rips make-up wipes in half before using them
I like how emma feels the need to clean all the time
I like how passionate hannah gets about music
I like it when my friends show they care about me
I like it when certain people look at me
I like it when people laugh at me
I like going on random drives with liv and jo
I like just lying in bed, listening to my ipod
I like harmonising to every song
I like liv's face when she's confused
I like jo's over the top laugh
I like writing in my diary every night
I like doing stupid little projects
I like going to asda with my flat mates
I like talking to emma in australia at stupid hours
I like it when my mum calls me, and texts me good night

Love Amy xxxx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Been A While!! x

It's been a while!! Wow haven't blogged in AGES!!

So Hi :) .. finished school now.. Leaver's was amazing.. but went on for ages, so i guess that's how my blogging stopped! x

Sorry.. x
...oh who am i kidding.. no1 reads this! x

So i guess i'll start up again, well, might be the only one for a while.. in the middle of A2 exams you see.. LONG x

So today, Zoe came over to help me make a cake for the PB carnival cake competition :) ^^ this was our masterpiece.. had so much fun making it with her :) THANKSSS ZO! xxxx
Jamming to the ipod while baking :) good times x

Good Bye for now :) xxxx

Friday, 21 May 2010

Good Bye Chancellor's x

Leaver's 2010 x
What can i say... I've left school... 7 years... over... x
WOW <3 x
To everyone... thank you for an amazing day, and a memorable 7 years...x

Goodbye Chancellor's...x

Will never forget xxxx
LY xxxx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Last Ever Thursday..x

Last Ever Thursday..x
Dunno what to say..x

Last ever lunchtime..x
Last ever afternoon registration..x
Last ever Drama lessons (emotional)..x
Last ever reappearance of H&G..x

One more day to go..x
A lifetime of memories behind us..x

Never Forget xxxx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Last ever Wednesday - Post-it Car..x

Yepp, that IS a car covered in Post-its .. Alistair's car to be exact.. and a good 1300 post-its! x

Monday: Fake un-invites
Tuesday: Mel in a locker
Wednesday: Today.. my last ever Wednesday at school, this wonderful prank was pulled x

Today was also Josh Reid Appreciation day LOL everyone wore clashing clothes and stuff :) was jokes & a good laugh :)

The days are slowly ticking down, people are letting loose, and we're all looking forward to our last day shenanigans :') x

See Ya Tomoz :) xxxx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Last Ever Tuesday..x

Last ever food lesson with Mrs Ware..
Last ever car journey with Sara..
Last ever lunch duty in A block *cough* ;)..
Last ever 3:25 end of day....

I could think of more.. but it's a tad sad..x

In all honesty.. I think I'm going to miss a lot.. the people, the laughs, even the teachers x
There are gonna be lots of tears on Friday.. happy & sad x

Until tomorrow..x

Amy xxxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

Last Ever Monday..x

Today.. my friends, is Monday..x

Not just any Monday though.. today is the last ever Monday of school.. I leave on Friday x

I don't know how this year went so fast?! .. Seems like just yesterday i was saying "This is the last ever first day of school" in September.. and now.. there's just 4 more days to go :O x


Expect more of these.. one every day this week, just counting down the days till we leave forever..

Yer, i'll still be going to school for choir, gotta rehearse for the Music Tour '10 :) .. but Friday.. that's the last ever official day :| .. then we're gone.. *tears* x

Not all sad though, it will be the start of Study Leave.. just a month of exams & hardcore revision.. then LONG HOLIDAYS! :D ... GONNA BE AMAZING XD ..x

Friday is the Sixth-form Leaver's Ball :)
Can't wait.. well i can.. but CAN'T WAIT!
Looking forward to wearing my dress, floor-length, and very pink :) and saying a proper fair well :'(.. not to everyone!!.. but officially to some, and sixth-form :) .. I plan on keeping as many as I can as close as possible :) <3>

Anyway, as much as I'm enjoying this emotional dribble,
You wanna know what we found out today.. we won the top prize at the May Fare! .. It was.. Wait for it! :) .. AN ANNUAL FAMILY PASS FOR CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES! *mini happy dance* .. gonna be awesome :) x

Anyhoo, i'll leave you all to your lives, which I hope are more exciting than mine!
Boredom sucks!

Peace :) <3>

Monday, 3 May 2010

5 Day Weekend! =] x

See this.. this is what you call an action shot.. great timing n all that :) x

So this 5 day weekend's been fun so far :) x

Saturday, acted as chauffeur & spent 7 hours at a camp i wasn't menna be on, hung a penguin high on a rope between two trees, ate a mountain of turkey drummers and sweetcorn, generally a fun day x

Sunday was Jonathan's 18th birthday party, few months late, but who wants a bouncy castle party in February?! :) . And that's where this photo was taken.. was a really good party :) a BBQ (even though it poured and poured!) .. & so much cake! :) x
We even waxed one of George's legs! .. and i managed to give Jonathan a bald patch ;) x
Was a jokes party.. and ended with a water fight :) x

Went to Sara Gowers' party in he evening.. was good, caught up with lots of ex-cranborne people :) x

SOOOO overall so far it's been pretty cool :) another 2 days to go.. Imago shoot with school girls on tuesday.. now i've just gotta work out what to wear! lol x

Cya xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Wall x

My ever expanding wall just keeps getting bigger! x

So yer.. this is my wall :) <3 hope you like it.. i do x
Would you believe it used to be baby pink lol x
Some good times on this wall :) old and new x

Oh yer.. and that big orange pic.. it's made up of what.. 3500 photos of my photos.. :) and makes up my photo of us coming back from ice-skating in ali-pali x
Good times :) x

I daren't count my photos any more.. its too hard to keep track.. but last time i checked.. which was about September 09.. i had 46,300 or so.. so yer.. effort to count LOL x

Was a good day today.. my food lessons got cancelled! So i got to go home at 1:30 instead of 4:30.. YAY :) Smiles All Round :):):) x

I'm off now.. Mac&Cheese tonight! Wooo! x
Byeeeeee xxxx

Twittering x

I joined twitter today :| .. totally lost but thought it was about time x
lol x
Do you like my layout? I think It's rather awesome :) touch of pink and and my 365 in photos :) x
It's late so i'll tell you about my 365 another time! But there you go.. i'm twittering.. as amzyangel92 of course! :) .. to be exact lol .. check it out some time.. It's even more boring than this blog! If that's possible! x
Muffin (my rabbit) is chilling next to my feet atm.. i do love her :) having a house rabbit is awesome. x
Well my lovelies, I'm off for now.. but I'll be back.. to blog another blog.. to tweet another day! x
Farewell :) xxxx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Flowerssss x

Looked out this morning and noticed that flowers are blooming :):) .. Just thought i'd share :) x
Hope you like my photo :) Love Amy xxxx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Music & Gleekin' it up :) x

Just watched the wonderful A2 recitals.. Emma Tirebuck, Hannah Buckley and Faye Wilkinson.. You all rocked :):) .. Girl in 14G always makes me smile :):) x
Well.. afterwards i went for a lovely drive with Zoe Jazz Miller :) We just drove & drove & rocked out to Glee al the way! :):) Gooood times x
Was a good day :) .. early night me thinks :) Be nice and rested :) x
Byeeeeee x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lazy Sunday x

Church then Tv. Thats it.

Well, went for a drive.. then back to tv.. Outnumbered is such a jokes program. x
It's a lovely day.. I wanna go out.. but I guess I'm not going to. x
St Georges Day today.. just thought I'd mention that lol x
Byeee :) xxxx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Major Meltdown!! x

WOAH! serious mood swing just now! =S x

Just sitting putting together some solar lights for the garden.. mum mentions that there's an instruction sheet to help.. and i go ape shit!.. WTF x
I acted like a total 5 year old, refused to build it, threw it down n shouted at her.. then stormed off.. WTH is wrong with me! ... well alot of things.. but i'm talking about this lol x
Off to my room i went.. took this b-e-a-uty of a picture.. and chilled out to some Switchfoot <3 to calm myself down. x

Note to self: Solar lights and late nights .. make Amy go crazy! x
Nighttt xxxx

Sun Sun Suuuuuuun =] x

I could get used to this weather :) x
Blue skies, sunshine and heat.. :) x
I really fancy a drive in this lovely weather.. just need someone to ride shotgun n i'm sorted :) x
Life is good :) x

Friday, 23 April 2010

New Moon & Häagen Dazs =) x

Had an awesome night in with Zoe Jazz :) x

How can you top New Moon, Pizza and Häagen Dazs, with your best friend :)
"Love is short.. art is long" ... "Constant *Sigh* LOL" ... "Woah!! Zo the freezer is REALLY cold!" x

Good times! Nighttt :) x

Can i not do ANYTHING right?! x

Biology is such a DRAG!.. i just sit there like a zombie, staring at the board, without a clue in the world about what the hell is going on. I swear there's something wrong with me. WHY does nothing go in to my pea brain?! x

Friday is such a mixed day, only 2 lessons, day ends at 2.30 and get home study for 3hrs.. but those 2 lessons are both Biology. What to think. I wish it was week 1, i only have one lesson then and get to go home at 10.30 for good! .. but u cant win them all! x

Did you know a biology tutor could be fun! Nahh me neither.. i dread it every week.. but its the only way i have a chance at passing Biology! Today, i dissected a locust!.. i must say i had a moment of sheer panic when he put it infront of me and said "no you're going to disect it".. went cold n everything.. then i was thinking of different ways to tell him i couldnt do it.. an excuse.. any excuse.. then i thought.. i'm gonna look like a complete wimp if i don't do it n say "i cant its gross" lol so i did it.. it was already dead thank god.. couldn't do it if it wasn't. It was cool in the end tho! Biology.. cool.. Who knew! x

I had a random urge to draw today. Only one problem.. i am absolutely S**t at drawing! Made my head look like a potato and somehow my flower turned into a banana. Minor hitch.. so i soon gave up. lool Am i good at nothing?! x

May just end up making a cake coz i know i can do that!.. Zoe's coming over tonight, so the cookies & cream Hagen Daaz will disappear shortly :) x

Time to chill :) Au Revoir :) x

Hello, This is Me, Goodbye x

Well it's my first ever blog. Shock horror. Never thought i'd write one of these! So I'm not that interesting on the surface, so this blog could go 2 ways; it could either be dull and make you want to sleep, or it could be highly interesting, enlightening and well.. not boring. But we'll have to wait and see. I apologise in advance if it's the first one.

The picture above is me being an idiot, writing on my hand with what i thought was a felt tip and turned out to be a permanent marker.. but the meaning's there. Never forget the good times. Don't want to.. and with the number of photos i take.. i won't.. and neither will anyone else.
And behind them.. is my wall, well, a very small section of it. My whole wall's covered in memories. Good times, photos and souvenirs.

But yer it's like half 12 and i'm exhausted, even though i normally go to bed later than this.. i think i'm gonna give in. And by give in.. i mean go to bed and watch my friends dvds till I literally cannot keep my eyes open. Hmm may not be the best tactic, probably why I'm so moody (and annoying) all the time.... or maybe that's just me.. we'll never know. But i love it.. great way to go to bed. So who cares.. :)

Goodnight world xxxx

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