Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Extraordinary x

And I realised..
Looking at my friends.. at my family.. at the strangers passing by..

I am not extraordinary.. 

I'm just like everybody else in the world..
What I am is not extraordinary..
We're all human.. all living.. all normal people..
Having fun.. learning.. laughing..
Watching the world go by..
No, I am not extraordinary..

But I could do extraordinary things..


Love Amy x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Little Confessions.. x

My little confessions...

1. I like crying, it makes me feel alive.
2. I'm obsessed with Twilight.
3. I have a constant internal monologue.
4. I wish my life had a soundtrack.
5. Buying and giving gifts to others makes me happier than receiving them, but I do love both.
6. I miss school.
7. I want to inspire someone, as much as those who have inspired me.
8. My family means everything to me, more than they could ever know.
9. I've watched the whole of Friends all the way through 8 times, and once backwards. That's not counting hundreds of individual episodes.
10. My happy place is lying in the park with my friends, the summer of 2008.
11. I love quotes, and want one day to be quoted.
12. I cried through the entire One Tree Hill finale. Now I can't watch it without crying.
13. I wish I spoke up more.
14. Sometimes I wonder how I found such great friends, and why they chose me.
15. I watched all 6 seasons of Supernatural the week before my exams, and passed every single one with good marks.
16. My favourite food is bread sauce. Sometimes I make it and just eat it out of the jug.
17. I love driving on the motorway.
18. I know that I should eat healthily, and how to, but I still don't.
19. Sometimes I have great ideas, and never do anything about them.
20. I used to want to be a German teacher. Then I discovered food, and never looked back.
21. There are no words to describe how much I love to play my piano. It's my little escape from reality.
22. I still get homesick.
23. I carry my camera everywhere. I'm obsessed with photography, and have a collection of around 100,000 photos.
24. I compulsively blow in every glass before I use it, and I don't know why.

Love Amy x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

You'll Never Know Until You Try,, x

You'll never know if you can do something until you give it a go..

If you don't ask, you won't get.. and all that..

Some things just need to be given a go..

And if you fall off the horse.. just jump right back up and try again..

There's no such thing as failure.. Only attempts at success :) x

Love Amy x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

QR Codes x

QR Codes are fun :)

Love Amy xxxx

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