Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Fresh Start x

I moved to Norfolk.

Yepp, last week I packed up all my stuff, and moved into my new flat in Norwich.
All by myself.
You see, on Monday, I started my work Placement :)
I'm working for a lovely company in Norfolk called Crush Foods :)

Now apparently I'm not meant to write anything about my placement..
I really don't know why!
But I'm going to anyway, because I have nothing bad to say.. at all.

It's been a week,
And I'm loving it <3 p="p">Genuinely loving it.

The people are lovely, and the atmosphere's great.. and I've learned so much already..

I can make sales.. I can get stockists.. I can use sage.. I can do customer visits and deliveries.. I can run a stall by myself.. I can do so many new things.. and most of all..
I can speak on the phone.
I know that sounds a bit lame.. but I really didn't like talking on the phone.. especially with strangers. It filled me with fear.. But now.. I just pick up the phone, and call anyone. Now a week ago, I couldn't do that.

I feel more confident.

That's what I love about this job.
It's teaching me so much more than I could have hoped for.
Things I never even realised I could learn.

And it's only been a week!

I've got freedom and responsibility..
And a great company to work for <3 p="p">I just want to be the best that I can be, and do the best I can do..
I want to make a difference!

I love my job..

I hope they like me too! x

So, this is my fresh start :)
This is going to be a great year.. xx

Love Amy x

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