Thursday, 10 March 2011

What's the point? x

Why keep a diary?
Why take a photo?
Why talk about the old days?

To remember a moment that went by so fleetingly?
So you never forget how happy you were?
To try and make sense of your life?

When every second is just that, a second, how do we hold on to it?
If it just slips away, and a new one begins, just like the one before. Over and over again.

We have to cling on to those special moments at every chance we get. Preserve them.

Because one day we'll look back, and what will we find? Nothing but a few hazy memories.

So don't look back with regrets. Take photos, write down your thoughts, live your life.

It'll be so worth it in the long run. Trust me.

The water is rushing in, I feel it on my skin
Our boat is sinking now
I wake up, I grab my things
As the waves keep Rollin’ in
I ask myself
“Oh what’s the point?”
“What’s the point of it all?”
Amy x

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