Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Attempting Teaching..

So I've been on a teaching placement at my old school.. Chancellor's.. for a week & 1/2 now..

And I'm actually loving it!

I didn't think I would..
I really didn't..
I've always said I'd never want to teach at secondary school..
But actually trying it..
Getting to work with the kids..
When you tell them something.. and you see that light go on..
It's brilliant :) x

I'm working in the Food Department..
Of course..

And being on the other side of the desk..
It's so strange..
But at the same time.. eye opening..
And so much fun!

I've planned lessons..
And run practicals solo..
I've even taught by my self and everything!

Yeah there are troublesome kids..
Wouldn't be a school if there weren't!..
But some of them are just awesome..

Asking questions..
And saying thank you for helping them..
Smiling and laughing all the time..

They call me Miss!!
Miss Bekooy.. LOL..
Bless their souls..
And look up to me :)

I never wanted to teach older kids..
But after this placement..
It just might have changed my mind x

Love Amy x

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