Thursday, 17 June 2010

All the small things...x

"One day, all of you are going to be gone.
And all of this—all of us—will be nothing but a hazy memory.
It will take you a second to remember someone’s name.
Someone will have to remind you of the songs we sung;
the solos you got, or didn't get.
Life really has only one beginning and one end:
and the rest is just a whole lot of middle.
And I love you guys too much to let you not make the most of it." x

It's all the small things...
I like the shadow your car makes when sun is behind you
I like it when zoe smiles
I like songs that start quiet, then crash to life when the drums kick in.
I like just sitting doing absolutly nothing with my friends
I like it when Mattie hugs me
I like watching twilight and reciting every line
I like dancing like nobody's watching, when noone is watching
I like driving in my car with my music blaring
I like those moments when everything slows down
I like films that make me cry
I like taking photos, because they make me happy
I like wearing one of my massive hoodies that drowns me
I like buying people presents, because i love to see them happy
I like my photo wall
I like it when emma sings, or sneezes
I like just sitting at the piano, and playing whatever i want
I like it when something gives me chills
I like going on car journeys with katie
I like lying in bed at night, looking at the glowing stars on my ceiling
I like the watching the clouds roll by, while listening to music
I like watching people's faces light up when they are happy
I like smiling so much my face hurts
I like those nice alone moments with my mum
I like it when my dad laughs
I like going to mc donalds with jess, and just talking
I like cooking with zoe
I like laughing with katie and emma in food
I like talking to sara, because her presence makes me smile
I like sitting in the park with friends, doing nothing
I like singing, and laughing in choir
I like spotting really bad innuendos
I like how i have step by step thoughts, before saying something random
I like that feeling you get when you really connect with someone
I like completing a task before the microwave hits 0:00
I like the rush of adrenaline you get from doing something scary
I like watching horror films, but have a phobia of blood
i like how i plug my ipod in, before i turn the car on
I like harmonies, a lot
I like it when my friends say they love me
I like my pets little habits, like circling my feet when i stand up
I like our private jokes, like gazebo and leopard print boxer shorts
I like wearing a necklace, one i love, and playing with it
I like the sound my windchime makes when i open and close my curtains
I like sleeping with a squishy pillow, i don't sleep anywhere without one
I like it when people pick up on my little habits, like blowing in my glass before I use it
I like having hour long conversations on msn/facebook, about random things
I like laughing so much it hurts
I like how my mum gets me some silly little presents
I like the feeling of fingernails runing up and down my arm
I like eating bread sauce by itself
I like tickling my hamsters tummy when she's hanging on the cage bars
I like the sound of leaves rustling in the wind
I like it when my friends randomly text me
I like the feel of rain on my skin
I like how everyone's voice completely changes around emma
I like watching sunsets, and how they are different colours every day
I like people who do that little big extra for you
I like going to sleep watching/listening to my friends dvds every night
I like milk sweets, with a passion
I like how zoe rips make-up wipes in half before using them
I like how emma feels the need to clean all the time
I like how passionate hannah gets about music
I like it when my friends show they care about me
I like it when certain people look at me
I like it when people laugh at me
I like going on random drives with liv and jo
I like just lying in bed, listening to my ipod
I like harmonising to every song
I like liv's face when she's confused
I like jo's over the top laugh
I like writing in my diary every night
I like doing stupid little projects
I like going to asda with my flat mates
I like talking to emma in australia at stupid hours
I like it when my mum calls me, and texts me good night

Love Amy xxxx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Been A While!! x

It's been a while!! Wow haven't blogged in AGES!!

So Hi :) .. finished school now.. Leaver's was amazing.. but went on for ages, so i guess that's how my blogging stopped! x

Sorry.. x
...oh who am i kidding.. no1 reads this! x

So i guess i'll start up again, well, might be the only one for a while.. in the middle of A2 exams you see.. LONG x

So today, Zoe came over to help me make a cake for the PB carnival cake competition :) ^^ this was our masterpiece.. had so much fun making it with her :) THANKSSS ZO! xxxx
Jamming to the ipod while baking :) good times x

Good Bye for now :) xxxx

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