Saturday, 18 June 2011

Olivia Thorn..x

Today I left University.. and headed home for the summer..x

And even though I can't wait to get home and see everyone..
and finally relax..

I'm going to miss the Harper Family so much xxxxxxxxxxx

There are also some people that aren't coming back next year..
and are going on their placement..x

One of those people is my amazing friend Liv..

The problem is, I go on placement in my 3rd year, and so, we won't be at Harper together again :(

And I must say.. even though I know it was silly..
and I know I'll see her again..

Because I am an emotional wreck..

I cried when she left  :'(

I only met her in September.. but since then.. She's become such an amazing part of my life..

I can't imagine not seeing her every day
and not having her there to make me laugh or knock on my door.. sit on my bed.. having her help with my referencing or have random takeaways with and chat about everything!

I just want her to know how amazing she is.. and how much she means to me.. and the effect she has on everyone else she meets.

I'm gonna miss her sense of humour so much!
Just so glad we can still keep in touch.. And we will! x

Great.. now I'm crying again!! :'( lol ahh dear! x

Love Amy xxx

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