Thursday, 9 June 2011


When I was in secondary school..
People used to call me by my surname..
And I hated it.

It felt like it made me less of a person..
Not using my first name..
Taking away who I really was.

Until now.

I look back, and I regret ever taking it to heart..
Yes, most people did it out of spite..
But really, it made me more of an individual than ever.

So many people share the same first name..
The Amy's and Emma's and Jon's and Jack's..
But my last name was unique.

I wish I hadn't let it get to me back then..
I wish I'd embraced it, like some other people..
But the truth is, I never thought anyone was being genuine.

I still don't.

Someone says something nice to me..
And I instantly think it's a cruel joke..
I guess that's just confidence, or experience.

My last name..
It's who I am..
Just as much as my first name.

I see that now.

Love Bekooy xxxx

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