Monday, 20 June 2011

Memories You Keep x

It's strange the memories you keep..

Some seemingly uneventful snippets of your life that stays vivid in your head.
Especially childhood memories..

I remember the day...
  • Walking back from Hunstanton beach with Mum.. holding a bucket of sea water, swimming with shrimps.. and waiting to get the shore train back to the Bungalow x
  • Sitting with my cousin Tara on the fence outside the house by the main road, waving at cars x
  • Swapping our stuffed toys with my friend Natalie, every single week x
  • Walking back from Ali Pali with Zoe, watching the others run on in front, while the sun set x
  • Hayley actually cutting my hair in reception x
  • Getting stuck in a tree.. while kayaking during camping.. and capsizing.. with my camera x
  • Sitting on Chris' bed in Holland, really hanging out like Brother & Sister x
  • Dropping the bookcase full of books on Danielle W's head x
  • Hiding from my Dad behind the camera shop.. while we were out shopping x
  • Lying in bed.. talking and laughing my head off with Emma in the middle of the night x
  • Playing on the water slide in Auntie Mary's back garden x
  • Playing risk in the common room.. with everyone.. for hours.. and I won x
  • Dad tickling me in the living room.. till I cried x
  • Brushing my teeth in the school toilets before going to the dentist x
  • Chloe delivering a valentines card for me in year 2 x
  • My 8th birthday at Adventure World, when Stef arrived with her new short hair cut x
  • Going to the grocers in nursery.. and buying mushrooms.. because I knew Mummy liked them x
  • Going to the fun swim with Danielle and Hayley in year 7.. and the bikini incident x
  • The father & child camping trip.. the ride at monkey world.. the day before my birthday x
  • The day I learned to ride my bike.. while Dad fixed the car x
  • Sitting in the park.. under the slide.. with my friends..all day, till it was dark x
It's funny.. the things you remember.. 
I wonder what makes us remember certain things.. and forget others..

Most don't hold any significance.. no life changing moment or traumatic event..

But they stay there.. in the back of your mind.. as clear as the day they happened.

What memories do you have?.. do you cherish?
It's amazing what we remember.. the magical days.. the unexpected days x

Love Amy x
"Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things."  
~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

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