Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lifehouse.. The Incredible Atmosphere x

I've blogged before about the effect music has on people..
How it can change someone's life or fill them with emotion..
I've also blogged about those moments in our lives..
Where just for a moment.. everything seems to stand still..
And you know you'll remember it for a very long time.

... There are rare times in our lives.. when these 2 things collide ...
And what comes out of that, is nothing less than incredible...

Tonight I saw Lifehouse live.. Birmingham..
And all I can say is.. wow.. because no words can describe that atmosphere.

They achieved perfection through imperfection..
Pure emotion, with nothing holding it back..
It was magic.
No auto tuning.. or plagiarised words..
No second take.. or fakery..
Just pure, heart felt music.

Words with meaning..
Melodies with heart..
Chords with weight..

And then..
He began to play.. and the crown fell silent..
The music played.. and everyone just listened..
To the words he sang.. the guitar.. the drums..
And suddenly..
Everyone felt the energy in the room..
And simultaneously.. Every single person raised their hands..
Because the music led them there.

I will never forget.

Love Amy xxxx

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