Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Kids These Days..

I actually can't believe just how DAMN RUDE Kids are these days!! :O


They have no respect for anyone, or anything.
They talk back to and swear at their teachers!
And have NO manners.

When did everything go downhill?
What changed?
Because something MUST have for kids to be the way they are now!

When I was at school, you'd NEVER even dream of talking to a teacher like that..
Act that way..
Like spoilt brats.

There were the trouble makers.. yes.. but the majority were well behaved.. respectful.

But now..
You're lucky to get some well behaved ones in a class..
Because most of them aren't!

You try and you try to make them understand..
To realise how they're acting.. but they don't care.

It's a shame..
the lack of motivation..
the attitude they have.

But at the end of the day.. it's their life they're ruining..

And whether they fail or succeed.. that's their choice x

Amy xxxx

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