Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Wall x

My ever expanding wall just keeps getting bigger! x

So yer.. this is my wall :) <3 hope you like it.. i do x
Would you believe it used to be baby pink lol x
Some good times on this wall :) old and new x

Oh yer.. and that big orange pic.. it's made up of what.. 3500 photos of my photos.. :) and makes up my photo of us coming back from ice-skating in ali-pali x
Good times :) x

I daren't count my photos any more.. its too hard to keep track.. but last time i checked.. which was about September 09.. i had 46,300 or so.. so yer.. effort to count LOL x

Was a good day today.. my food lessons got cancelled! So i got to go home at 1:30 instead of 4:30.. YAY :) Smiles All Round :):):) x

I'm off now.. Mac&Cheese tonight! Wooo! x
Byeeeeee xxxx

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