Monday, 3 May 2010

5 Day Weekend! =] x

See this.. this is what you call an action shot.. great timing n all that :) x

So this 5 day weekend's been fun so far :) x

Saturday, acted as chauffeur & spent 7 hours at a camp i wasn't menna be on, hung a penguin high on a rope between two trees, ate a mountain of turkey drummers and sweetcorn, generally a fun day x

Sunday was Jonathan's 18th birthday party, few months late, but who wants a bouncy castle party in February?! :) . And that's where this photo was taken.. was a really good party :) a BBQ (even though it poured and poured!) .. & so much cake! :) x
We even waxed one of George's legs! .. and i managed to give Jonathan a bald patch ;) x
Was a jokes party.. and ended with a water fight :) x

Went to Sara Gowers' party in he evening.. was good, caught up with lots of ex-cranborne people :) x

SOOOO overall so far it's been pretty cool :) another 2 days to go.. Imago shoot with school girls on tuesday.. now i've just gotta work out what to wear! lol x

Cya xxxxxxxxxxx

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