Thursday, 29 April 2010

Twittering x

I joined twitter today :| .. totally lost but thought it was about time x
lol x
Do you like my layout? I think It's rather awesome :) touch of pink and and my 365 in photos :) x
It's late so i'll tell you about my 365 another time! But there you go.. i'm twittering.. as amzyangel92 of course! :) .. to be exact lol .. check it out some time.. It's even more boring than this blog! If that's possible! x
Muffin (my rabbit) is chilling next to my feet atm.. i do love her :) having a house rabbit is awesome. x
Well my lovelies, I'm off for now.. but I'll be back.. to blog another blog.. to tweet another day! x
Farewell :) xxxx

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