Friday, 23 April 2010

Hello, This is Me, Goodbye x

Well it's my first ever blog. Shock horror. Never thought i'd write one of these! So I'm not that interesting on the surface, so this blog could go 2 ways; it could either be dull and make you want to sleep, or it could be highly interesting, enlightening and well.. not boring. But we'll have to wait and see. I apologise in advance if it's the first one.

The picture above is me being an idiot, writing on my hand with what i thought was a felt tip and turned out to be a permanent marker.. but the meaning's there. Never forget the good times. Don't want to.. and with the number of photos i take.. i won't.. and neither will anyone else.
And behind them.. is my wall, well, a very small section of it. My whole wall's covered in memories. Good times, photos and souvenirs.

But yer it's like half 12 and i'm exhausted, even though i normally go to bed later than this.. i think i'm gonna give in. And by give in.. i mean go to bed and watch my friends dvds till I literally cannot keep my eyes open. Hmm may not be the best tactic, probably why I'm so moody (and annoying) all the time.... or maybe that's just me.. we'll never know. But i love it.. great way to go to bed. So who cares.. :)

Goodnight world xxxx

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