Friday, 23 April 2010

Can i not do ANYTHING right?! x

Biology is such a DRAG!.. i just sit there like a zombie, staring at the board, without a clue in the world about what the hell is going on. I swear there's something wrong with me. WHY does nothing go in to my pea brain?! x

Friday is such a mixed day, only 2 lessons, day ends at 2.30 and get home study for 3hrs.. but those 2 lessons are both Biology. What to think. I wish it was week 1, i only have one lesson then and get to go home at 10.30 for good! .. but u cant win them all! x

Did you know a biology tutor could be fun! Nahh me neither.. i dread it every week.. but its the only way i have a chance at passing Biology! Today, i dissected a locust!.. i must say i had a moment of sheer panic when he put it infront of me and said "no you're going to disect it".. went cold n everything.. then i was thinking of different ways to tell him i couldnt do it.. an excuse.. any excuse.. then i thought.. i'm gonna look like a complete wimp if i don't do it n say "i cant its gross" lol so i did it.. it was already dead thank god.. couldn't do it if it wasn't. It was cool in the end tho! Biology.. cool.. Who knew! x

I had a random urge to draw today. Only one problem.. i am absolutely S**t at drawing! Made my head look like a potato and somehow my flower turned into a banana. Minor hitch.. so i soon gave up. lool Am i good at nothing?! x

May just end up making a cake coz i know i can do that!.. Zoe's coming over tonight, so the cookies & cream Hagen Daaz will disappear shortly :) x

Time to chill :) Au Revoir :) x

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