Saturday, 12 June 2010

Been A While!! x

It's been a while!! Wow haven't blogged in AGES!!

So Hi :) .. finished school now.. Leaver's was amazing.. but went on for ages, so i guess that's how my blogging stopped! x

Sorry.. x
...oh who am i kidding.. no1 reads this! x

So i guess i'll start up again, well, might be the only one for a while.. in the middle of A2 exams you see.. LONG x

So today, Zoe came over to help me make a cake for the PB carnival cake competition :) ^^ this was our masterpiece.. had so much fun making it with her :) THANKSSS ZO! xxxx
Jamming to the ipod while baking :) good times x

Good Bye for now :) xxxx

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