Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Weekend Away in Nottingham :) x

Plonked down in the middle of a strange new city..
With no computer.. No assignments.. NO STRESS..

Just fun :) ...

And laughter.. and dancing.. and gaming.. and partying.. and drinking.. and eating lots of lovely food!!

NO stress.. NO worries..

Just me.. my friends.. & some strangers!

Happiness :)

It was such an amazing weekend!!
RockCity was brilliant.. the best club night out I've ever had! :D x

I drove to Nottingham for Paul's 18th Birthday celebrations.. And boy did it turn out great!! :D x
I drove from Harper.. through the sleet.. snow and rain!!.. :) And arrived :) for a weekend of freedom!!

I played COD.. and yes.. I'm awful at it and spent more time dead than alive.. and the rest was spent in a lift.. or protecting the hole!!
But I had SO MUCH FUN :) & now I'm better at COD than ever! Headshots ;) x

Finding Nemo.. The Parrot Wielding Fairy.. The Fanta Loving Nazi Zombies.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...
And a hell of a lot more jokes later!! :) .. This was a weekend I won't forget for  long time :) x

Love from a Very Happy Amy xxxxxxxxx

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