Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sharing A Sunset x

I arrived back at Uni, early evening..
And I sat in my room alone..
Missing Home.. missing my Mum..
When I got a phone call..

It was my Mum..

She said..
"Look outside.. the sunset's incredible!"

So I did.. only to see this..
The incredible purple sky x

And I sat there.. on the windowsill.. looking out of the window at the colours..

And talked on the phone to my Mum for an hour..
In those moments.. looking at the same sky..
It felt like she was sitting next to me..
And I didn't feel alone.. not one bit x

Liv joined me when we ended the phone call..
With our "Nighty Night, I Love You!"s x

I remember that night so clearly.. How we shared a sunset x

And I realised..
No matter how far away..
You can always share a sunset x

Love Amy x

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