Thursday, 12 January 2012

New OTH!!! ... The Beginning Of The End!! x

AHHHHHHHHHHHH One Tree Hill Season 9 started today!!! XD xxxxxxx
(Well, middle of the night to be precise) x

I stayed up all night to watch it at 3am! :) And it was so worth it!! x
I've been waiting half a year for the new season!! Since they got the go ahead for a 9th season.. And FINALLY.. It's started!! x

The beginning of the end.. :) :( :') :'(  So bitter sweet x

Because this .. this is the last ever season of One Tree Hill :O x

I've grown up with this show.. for 9 years it's been my home.. x

When it all ends, It's going to be emotional.. but I know I'll leave knowing that this show helped make me who I am today.. inspired me.. brought me hope and happiness.. made me believe in love, and filled my life with music x

I can't express how thankful I am that One Tree Hill existed x

"The little show that could" x

I can't believe it's nearly over, but it's been more than amazing.. x

Love Amy xxxx

"In your life you're going to go to some great places, and you're going to do some wonderful things. But no matter where you go or who you become, this place will always be with you. There is only one Tree Hill. And it's your home." ~ Karen, One Tree Hill x

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