Monday, 7 November 2011

Regrets.. x

I once promised myself that I would never regret anything..

That I would live every day to the full and not regret that I did..
But there are some things I do regret..
And you can't change those.. once they've happened.. they've happened..
No going back..
I don't regret the big things.. most of them.. those I chose for a reason..
No, not the big things.. but the small things.. some of them at least..
If anything.. I regret not taking chances..
Not trying harder.. or believing in myself..
The whole reason I said I never wanted to regret.. was so I could live my life..
But the truth is..
Without taking any chances.. you never get anywhere..
And you never get the opportunity to really live..
To make yourself happy..
Or to make any mistakes..
And those mistakes are what teaches you how to get it right..
I have my regrets..
And I regret that.. If that makes any sense at all..
I promised myself I wouldn't.. but I did..

I'm only human after all x

Love Amy x

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