Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Took A Breath..

I took a deep breath..

And I looked back..
On everything..
At all the things that made me who I am..
Not just the happy times..
The ones that made me smile..
That made me cry with laughter..
But on the times that changed me..
And the people who shaped me..
At the places that I stayed..
And the stories I've told..
At the memories I've made..
And on the moments that took my breath away..

I took a breath and they all flooded back..
Everything came back into focus..

I stood their.. on the sodden carpet..
Staring at the gaping hole in my ceiling..
And took a deep breath..
Thinking.. this will be one of those things..

I breathed out.. and went to bed..
With no heating.. Brill.

Love Amy x

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