Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Light x

"I was alone, completely alone, alone in the darkness that was my mind. Lost and confused, and alone, completely alone. I felt heavy, just so heavy, with the weight of my thoughts weighing me down, holding me back. But then, out of that darkness, came a light, the smallest glimmer of hope, breaking though the pain and the silence, and starting to fill the emptiness with peace and music. It grew, and grew, till the darkness and clouds that once filled my head, were gone. Faded away into nothingness, leaving only light. Love, Joy, Peace, Light. I broke free from it all. The weight of the world that was once on my shoulders lifted, the shackles that once held me down fell off, the blanket of darkness hanging over me disappeared, and all that was left was the Light, and Me."

Love Amy x

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