Sunday, 3 April 2011

YouTube - An Addiction x

Ok, I have to admit.. I am a tad obsessed with YouTube...

I don't know why, it's nothing special.. but I love it! x
And yes, I subscribe.. a lot, and like.. a lot, and favourite.. well.. the picture says it all really!
I have my favourites..

Charlieissocoollike -
KurtHugoSchneider -
Nerimon/AlexDay -
othmusicepisodes -
(The last one's not really a youtuber, but always keeps me up to date with great oth songs.)

They're amazing.. :) check them out x

So, I'm a YouTube addict.. I'm on it every day, without fail... ahh dear, i need to get our more! LOL x

Love Amy xxxx

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