Sunday, 17 April 2011

Busy Busy Busy x

It's been a busy week!

See, this week was Holiday Club.. a week which everyone has been working long and hard towards since the last one ended a year ago x
So much preparation goes into it.. months worth of hard work goes into making this single week go smoothly.. 75 leaders.. 95 kids.. and A LOT of work! x
But it's so worth it..x
Seeing the looks on the children's faces, the excitement, the pure joy, helping them create something they can feel proud to take home to their parents.. It's wonderful x
The music, songs, drama, the morning work out, the snacks, the crafts.. :) x

I lead the cooking group.. crazy cooking.. with my happy helpers Chris & Rachel.. x
24 kids, 72 cakes, 72 biscuits, 24 pizzas, 24 loaves of bread, and A LOT of mess!
.. Brilliant :) x

Green t-shirts away..
Until next year.. :) ..

Amy xxxx

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