Sunday, 3 April 2011

Last Year..x

Looking back over this past year, at my diary, at the photos and the blog posts, 
it made me realise something..

Life was so much easier last year. 

Yes, there were A levels and stuff, but nothing compared to now.
I look back, and remember all the laughs we had, the great days out and nights in, with friends who cared so much. The holidays we took, with sun and smiles, the music and movies. How carefree we were.
No assignments, long journeys or moving, less exams and presentations, less drama, less stress.

Life has changed so much. 

But the best things in life don't come easy.. with the tough times, comes so much happiness.. New friends, days out, endless parties, private jokes, evenings in, so many laughs, independence, and experiences I never dreamed I'd have.

Life is different now, in fact, it's constantly changing.

So, make the most of now x

Amy xxx

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