Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Someone Else's World x

What is it about tv programs that captures your imagination?

The story lines that draw you in and make it almost impossible to turn off.
Every week, you tune in to those programs you just can't miss..
Some, you revolve your life around, arranging things to fit around it.
They evoke emotions, make us empathise, fascinate us and hook us in.

The story lines that make us sit on the edge of our seat, cry our eyes out or laugh our heads off.. Make us believe in true love, and magic, or make our hearts skip a beat..

All it really is is a scripted sketch, with the sole purpose of entertaining you, but for some reason, they become so much more to some people, a part of us..
Find out what a person watches, and you unearth a part of who they are.. what they like, dislike, how they think, what entertains them.. If they're a laugher, a crier, how they see the world, and so much more.

It's only a tv show.. Half an hour maybe..
But to some people, that's the moment they look forward to the most. The moment they can forget all the troubles, stress and angst going on in their life, and just, for 42 minutes a week, let it all go.. And be part of someone else's world.. Where, when things get hard, you can simply change the channel..

Television may just be another form of media.. but for some, it's so much more.. x

Amy x

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