Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Bucket List x

When you die you're asked two questions, and your answers determine whether or not you'll get into heaven:

1. Have you found joy in life?

2. Has your life brought joy to others?
So here it is:

My Bucket List 
1.           Take the perfect portrait photo
2.           Sing karaoke
3.           Visit Australia
4.           Be part of a flash mob
5.           Ride a gondola in Venice
6.           Learn sign language
7.           Inspire someone
8.           Compose a song 
9.           Have a family
10.        Make cakes professionally
11.         Do lambing 
12.         Make a difference
13.         Solve a Rubix cube
14.         Keep a diary every day for a year 
15.         Graduate University
16.         Read a long book 
17.         Stop worrying
18.         Go to a festival 
19.         Face my fear & give blood
20.        Learn to read aloud confidently 
21.         Go to a midnight release day film screening 
22.         Go to winter wonderland 
23.         Get a job I love 
24.         Swim with dolphins
25.         Visit a TV show set 
26.         Ride on the London Eye
27.         Go paragliding
28.         Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef 
29.         Ride in a hot air balloon
30.         Drive a sports car
31.         Fall in love 
32.         Meet Robert Pattinson
33.         Go on safari
34.         See the pyramids first hand
35.         Volunteer to feed the homeless 
36.         Eat a stack of pancakes in America
37.         Eat a Belgium waffle in Belgium
38.         Find what really makes me happy
39.         Go to Disney land
40.         Walk through Central Park in NY
41.         Learn to ice-skate
42.         Eat in Heston’s restaurant
43.         Eat in an underwater restaurant
44.         Cook a full Christmas dinner 
45.         Get Hypnotised
46.         Have my perfect white wedding
47.         Be in a TV audience 
48.         Invent and launch a new product 
49.         Go to Cadbury world, again
50.         Complete 5 Project 365’s
51.         Learn to knit again
52.         Get a makeover
53.         Watch an amazing film 
54.         Change someone’s life
55.         Hold a new born 
56.         Ride a moped
57.         Jump in a pool with my clothes on
58.         Learn to touch-type
59.         Get fit & healthy
60.         Talk to someone on the phone for hours 
61.         Lie on the grass in a sunny park, all day 
62.         Jump from a cliff into deep water
63.         Watch the fireworks in London 
64.         Drive a forklift
65.         Make a patchwork quilt
66.         Make a difference in at least one person’s life
67.         Have a photo exhibited in a gallery
68.         Have my own pet 
69.         Adopt a pet from a shelter 
70.         Watch the London Olympics 
71.         Save someone’s life
72.         Be a great friend 
73.         Run a 10k without collapsing
74.         See an amazing concert 
75.         Get a hole in 1 
76.         Watch the sun set & rise, the same night
77.         Learn to speak & understand Dutch
78.         Get a great placement job 
79.         Sleep under the stars
80.         See 30 plays / musicals
81.         Truly forgive somebody
82.         Experience zero gravity
83.         Have a school reunion
84.         Dance carefree in public
85.         Climb to the top of a mountain  
86.         Believe in something 
87.         Fly business class
88.         Learn to play one song on the guitar/uke 
89.         Do 50 sit ups in a row 
90.         Give someone a heartfelt surprise
91.         Go on a proper road trip
92.         Learn to juggle, well  
93.         Kiss in the rain
94.         Do something spontaneous 
95.         Be proud of something/someone 
96.         Learn to draw something, well
97.         Jump in a fountain
98.         Be confident 
99.         Teach someone something 
100.      Sing a duet with Emma, again
101.      Take a chance 
102.     Win an award 
103.     Paint a full watercolour painting 
104.     Complete a giant puzzle
105.     Sell a photograph
106.    See an eclipse 
107.    Watch a meteor shower 
108.    Live out my fantasy
109.    Have a surprise party 
110.    Meet one of my favourite TV show actors
111.    Get an autograph from Mike - Wakey!Wakey! 
112.    Watch an outdoor movie
113.    Be quoted by someone
114.    ...

Love Amy x

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