Friday, 18 March 2011

How long would it take?... x

How long would it take?

If you went missing right now.. if you collapsed in your room, or even worse.. how long would it take before someone noticed?

If the door was locked and the curtains closed.. at what point would someone be worried enough to call the police? Break down the door? How long would it take? .. Too long?

If someone knocked on your door, and you didn't answer, would they just assume you weren't in, that you were sleeping or just didn't want to talk. No one would know, no one would help.

They might text or try to ring, but people screen calls all the time. You can go days without seeing people, talking to people, it's not unheard of.
You would just lie there, or disappear, and no one would have any idea.

I wonder just how long it would take before people got worried, when they don't just say it's strange, when would they take action? Hours? Days? Weeks even?

What would people miss about you? What would tip people off? Where should you be? When? Who would you see? Who would see you? Would they find it strange if you weren't there?

Why would anyone comment on a student skipping lectures? It happens all the time.. skip a few parties.. pop home for the weekend.. shut in their room doing assignments.

The truth is, no matter how much everyone may say they would notice straight away.. that's a lie, because most wouldn't.

Just think, how long has it been since you last saw some of your friends, do you panic when you don't see them for a day or 2?

It's a scary thought, but the truth is, we all live in our own little worlds.. and it's easy to forget about those around you.

So go out, and make an impact on those around you, be unforgettable, be incredible, become a part of someone's life, so they can't imagine life without you there beside them.

..And next time they don't answer the phone, or reply when you knock.. think for a second..

..what if it was you... x

Amy x

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