Tuesday, 8 March 2011

5 Minutes of My Life x

Sitting on chair.. Types on keyboard.. Looks at TV.. Looks back at computer.. Turns to look at watch.. Stares at the keyboard.. Sighs.. Sits back in chair.. Puts hands behind head.. Closes eyes for a few seconds.. Crosses arms.. Leans on desk.. Cracks knuckles.. Coughs.. Sits on foot.. Puts other foot on chair.. Leans on knee.. Listens to TV.. Scrolls through Facebook.. Finds nothing.. Scrolls again.. Plays with hair.. Plays with hair tie.. Ties hair up.. Looks at post-it notes.. Looks at timetable.. Types on keyboard again.. Rubs eye.. Stretches.. Yawns.. Uploads photos.. Rubs neck.. Eats caramel shortbread.. Looks at TV.. Looks at computer.. Sighs.

..... What an interesting life I lead...x

Amy X

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