Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Dream Birthday x

I've had my dream Birthday in my head for a long time now..

I don't know why, maybe it was to keep happy thought in my head through all of the stress and the confusion of everyday life. Through all of the interviews and assignment, through all the low days, and worry.. just that image in my head of all the highs to come. My perfect day.

Somewhere really special.
Surrounded by friends and family.
Bunches of  balloons, pink especially.
An amazing cake. Impressive and personal to me.
Drinks, snacks and cupcakes for everyone to enjoy..
So. many. smiles.
Lots of dancing.. to my music.
Meaningful presents.
A photo booth, or lots of cameras.
A chocolate fountain.
My hair half up, long and wavy.
Make up actually done well.
A beautiful new dress, and gorgeous heels.
A pretty heartfelt necklace.
Twinkly lights.. everywhere.

It's only a dream.. I know.
And it'll probably never happen..
But it's my dream.
There's more detail of course.. but the rest is up to your imagination.
If you give it all away.. it'll never come true.

Love Amy x

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