Monday, 1 August 2011

Today I Turned 19.. x

Today.. I turned 19 x

It's a strange age..
You're not a child any more..
But you're not quite an adult yet.

It's the last teenage year..
But it's not a big birthday..
Like 16, 18 or 21 x

Today I turned 19..

And everyone ignored me.. all day..

On purpose..

Because they'd planned a big birthday surprise for me :)

They filled my tent with Balloons.. 
There were.. Flour Fights.. Donuts..
17 Pizzas.. Giraffe Pinyate.. Kayaking..
Pub Trip.. Decorations.. Banners..
A Card.. Sweets.. Cake..
& So Much More!

It was awesome :) Thank you x
19 ey..
I'm growing up x

Love Amy x

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