Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What if.....

What if...
Life's too short for what if's...

What if's hold you back from living in the moment..

They take away the wonder and excitement of living each day to the full..

If all you're doing is thinking of all the possible results of every situation, worrying about the outcome.. The could be's and should be's.. all you'll have is a life of waiting for something to happen..

My life has changed so much since this time last year..
Good changes, some less so.. but every change has shaped who i am today.. and whether i like that or not.. that's me.

Live every day with no regrets.. like it's you're last.. make the most of it!..
Be happy, be hopeful.. Don't let worrying about the future stop you living in the present..

Do what makes you HAPPY!! x

What if.. you stopped worrying.. Right now..
And lived every day as it comes...

What if.. All your dreams come true.. :) x

Love Amy xxxx

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