Saturday, 5 February 2011

True Friends - My Big Surprise x

True friends are the people you can always go to. They can make your worst days the best and they know you better then anyone. You jam in the car and sing karaoke for hours & you almost die but laugh anyway.
You accept and love each other for who they are. x

So this weekend, I had the biggest surprise of my life.

I was sitting in my room with Liv, as usual, when someone knocked on the door & I shouted "Yepp" as I normally do. Then, the door opened, and there in the doorway was Emma.... OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! XD XD XD

I sat there blankly for a second, before a look of shock and surprise descended on my face. (Apparently this look was highly amusing to Liv, Jo & Emma lol). Then, like the cry baby I am, I lifted my hands to cover my face, and the tears started (LOL) x

I have never been so surprised in my life.. I was actually in shock, to seeEmma standing there, after being upset i wouldn't see her before she left to go to Australia for 2.5 months. And there she was.. EEEEEEEEK!! :D x

Turns out, Liv & Jo, the amazing flatmates that they are, had seen how homesick I was, missing my friends back home, and had come up with a cunning plan to get Emma up here for a surprise visit, and had been for weeks! x
Via Facebook messages & texts, they had arranged everything, all without me having a single clue! Apparently everyone knew but me!

We then enjoyed the days :) Laughs, Talks, Food, Strippers, Music & YouTube;) x
I was so happy; I still am! To see Emma, to have her visit before she left. It meant the world to me.. and I just want to thank them all, for an amazing weekend I won't forget :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love (a very happy) Amy :D xxxxxx

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