Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Best Present Ever x

My best present ever..
Most wouldn't consider an amazing present..
It wouldn't mean anything to anyone else..
But to me.. It meant everything.

My best present ever..
Was my very fist door key.

Don't get me wrong.. It wasn't my most amazing present or my sentimental presents.. But the one the stands out the most to me. The first important present.. To me x

I got it for Christmas, 2004.
It was my smallest present..
Wrapped in pink paper..
At the bottom of my stocking..

I unwrapped it..
With the same joy and appreciation that I opened all the presents with..
I loved it.

It was purple with pink patterns over it..
The key to the front door..
My key.

It wasn't just a key to me..
It was so much more..
It was freedom.. And trust..
It was a key to my independence..
It was an end to all the days I sat on the doorstep locked out..

My best present ever..
A key.

Who would have thought xxxx

Sometimes, It's the little things that mean the most x

Love Amy xxxx

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