Thursday, 31 March 2011

1 Year to the Day x

It's official.. I started keeping a diary exactly 1 year ago today..

On 31st March 2010, something changed.. and I suddenly had the urge to start writing.

So I did.. every single day.. for 1 whole year.

I honestly can't believe it.

1 Year account of my life, written down, treasured.

I've had so many ups, and some downs.. but it's all there.

Coupled with my daily photos, there it is.. my life in photos & words.

I'm not done though.. I'll keep going, until maybe one day, something will change again.. and I stop.

But until then, I'll continue to record my life.

So that one day, I'll look back and smile.. at how naive I was, at the way I looked or the things I said. At all the laughs, and stupid tears, at the inside jokes, and the rollercoaster that is my life.

It's been long, and hard at times, but it has been so worth it

Love Amy xxxx

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